Startup Disc Menu

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Disc insertion prompt

The Startup Disc Menu is the menu used to load or install the contents of the Wii Startup Disc onto Wiis that required the disc, as is further described in said article. The Menu is also capable of loading auto-boot discs with title IDs starting with 0 (or potentially any number, although this has not been tested).


The menu can be in one of the following states at any given point:

  • Waiting for a disc to be inserted ("please insert the Wii Startup Disc")
  • Checking the inserted disc ("checking disc")
  • Installing the contents of a disc's update partition (also "checking disc")
  • Non-RAAE or autoboot disc inserted ("incorrect disc")
  • Other disc-related error, including a disc drive fatal error ("error has occurred")

The following states have graphics data present in the menu, but it is unclear if they are used:

  • Installing the contents of the Wii Startup Disc ("installing, do not touch the console")
  • Prompting the user to remove the disc ("please remove the Wii Startup Disc")
  • Stating that installation has already completed ("Wii Startup installation has already completed")

It should be noted that due to the presence of the latter image, which does not fit in with the menu's status as a NAND application which overwrites itself when the disc's contents are installed, it is possible that some of the menu's resource contents were copied from the disc itself. However, this is impossible to confirm without having the actual disc. In the final Wii System Menu, the disc's title ID is blocked and will produce a read error, so even if this message were present on the disc, it would not be seen unless the disc were manually launched or launched from a prototype version of the system menu.

Additional Info

The menu uses IOS4, specifically IOS4v3 which is included on each Startup Disc Wii.

The menu performs a unique fade-to-black animation upon launching titles.

The menu has three possible colors for the background of each scene's text; blue, orange, and red. Red is only used by the error screen, and orange is only used by the "already completed" screen and the "incorrect" screen.


The menu contains 3 sound files, 1 of which is (seemingly) unique to this menu. One sound file is used for the opening of the menu and the error screens, one is used during installation, and one is used when installation is completed. The installation sound is the same as the normal system menu's "save file copy" sound, and the finishing sound is the same as the normal menu's "save file copy finished" sound; it is unknown if the error sound is used elsewhere.