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NDEV 2.1

The NDEV (product code RVT-001) is the main development system for the Wii, taking the form of a large black box including full Wii hardware with 128MB of RAM as well as debugger and Host I/O hardware.
The NDEV features all the ports and functionality found on a retail system, in addition to additional communication ports for debugging and host communication. It does not have a disc drive or internal hard drive, so all software is read from NAND or the host system. The NDEV cannot boot without an attached host system, and can only launch disc titles if they are emulated by an ODEM (optical disc emulation) program on the host system.

Known Versions

The only known picture of a NDEV 1.x, cropped from the E3 2006 RVT-R Reader picture
Image of a NDEV 2.0 showing the 4 wired Wii Remote ports; from Dev Tool V4 setup guide.

The difference between 1.x versions is unknown. The difference between 2.0 and "2.01(ES)" is believed to be the addition of wireless functionality, as an official Revolution SDK document describing compatibility for various Wii Remote models states that wired controllers are intended for the 2.0 and wireless controllers are intended for the 2.01.[1]
Between 1.x and 2.0, the differences are:

  • Changes in NDEV text size

  • Addition of crypto support to IOS

  • Likely addition of a boot program (with visible output to the TV)

  • (Unlikely, rumor/speculation) Removal of second SD card slot

  • Addition of wireless functionality


  • 1.0

  • 1.1

  • 1.2

  • 2.0

  • 2.01 (ES)

Between 2.0 and 2.1, the number of wired Wii Remote ports went from 4 to 1. This is the main way to identify a 2.0 (rare) from a 2.1 (very common).

  • 2.1


Some NDEV's on ebay came boxed, and looked like this with some... interesting info/stuff, I must say.

An NDEV, in its near complete unboxed form.

An NDEV, partially opened without it's contents showing.

An unknown auction of a NDEV, supposedly on Assemblergames + it was unboxed.

The front of the NDEV's box, from a psuedo birds-eye-view.

A picture of the NDEV, almost opened and with it's cables and contents showing.

The exterior of the NDEV's box.

A really weird auction on ebay of a NDEV, poor thing has seen better days, but what is strange is the markings. My guess its from the stupidity of the seller itself, I dunno.

A beaten up ndev from a unknown auction..

Kudos to ProtonX for this one. It's a near mint condition NDEV, the front of the box on it's side if you will.

Another near mint condition NDEV, this time on the side of the box.

This is by far the most intriguing image. It seems nintendo left shipping papers inside the box. Strange, eh?

Appears to be the same NDEV, but unlike the other NDEVs that were unboxed, this one seems to have a lot more stuff inside it. Weird, huh?

The front of a (somewhat?) mint condition NDEV, this one has its label slightly blocked unfortunately however.

An NDEV, but with blue items?