Holy Grails

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This is a list of 'holy grails', things that many people would highly value having a copy of or having more information on but are very elusive, being either hard to retrieve or not yet having been publicly leaked.



  • Any Nintendo factory initialization software besides 0002 and RVL_DIAG
  • Any prototype version of a Nintendo console system menu/IPL (or in the case of the Switch's qlaunch, an earlier prototype)
  • Any unseen early version of a Nintendo SDK, or the tools contained within, including the Revolution Emulator
  • Substantial pre-release prototypes/demos of Nintendo first-party releases


  • Unreleased and prototype versions of IOS
  • More information on the Wii from 2003-2005

Wii U

  • Information on the Wii U from 2009-2010
  • Wii U factory titles


  • Information on the Switch from 2013-2015, specifically a 2015 version of NintendoSDK
  • Early, pre-release qlaunch (earlier than 0.8.5)


  • A retail v1.0J NAND (has been dumped, just waiting for it to be released)
  • A dump from Voodooween’s v1.3_dev IS-TWL-DEBUGGER, containing DSiWare prototypes


  • Information on the 3DS from 2008-2009