DiscUpdate Disc

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DiscUpdate Disc
An image of the DiscUpdateDisc taken by NWPlayer123.
Disc Internal NameDiscUpdate Disc
Disc ID413E
Disc IOSUnknown
Disc Release DateExact date unknown, somewhere around the release of Wii Menu 3.0U (August 6, 2007)
Disc Build DateUnknown
Disc ApploaderUnknown

The DiscUpdate Disc is a disc discovered through an image posted online in the late 2000s showing it, the Movie-CH Install Disc and the Wii Backup Disc. This disc was also seen an image posted by GameDealDaily image, but is no longer available on their site. In late 2018, this disc was obtained and dumped by NWPlayer123, revealing that it installs updates through the Wii Menu and contains a checker program (known as "boot-steve") listing titles which the disc should install and verifying that they are installed.

The disc installs its contents through an update partition, and the actual program on the disc is just a verification tool, unlike the Movie-Ch Install Disc which installs WADs on the disc itself.

Later versions of the Wii System Menu block this disc by its ID (similar to the Wii Startup Disc ID) for unknown reasons.